SET and Brokers’ Association of Thailand not worried about Bangkok’s shutdown


BANGKOK, 7 January 2014 The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the Brokers’ Association of Thailand are reportedly not worried over the planned shutdown of Bangkok – stating that they have business continuity planning (BCP). 

Director of the Association of Thai Securities Companies Pattera Dilokrungthirapop stated that online trading will still be able to continue as normal during the shutdown – adding that each broker at each trading institution already have business continuity planning (BCP).

Moreover, Ms. Pattera stated that brokers and the stock exchange have had experience in dealing with mishaps in the nation, such as the 2011 flooding, and previous political protests.

Ms. Pattera pointed out that a peaceful protest is manageable, and urged demonstrators not to have any violence. She also reported that the volume of trading has been relatively low in the past couple of days, and that that the situation needed to be kept under close watch until the actual shutdown on January 13.