PTTEP supports hornbill conservation research


BANGKOK, 15 February 2012  – The country’s top oil and gas explorer pledges to provide more support to the conservation research of a rare type of birds.

Mr. Anon Sirisaengtaksin, President and CEO of PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP), said on Tuesday that the company has been giving its support to a project of the Faculty of Science at Mahidol University for some time.

The project focuses on the conservation research of hornbills in Thailand’s natural parks declared the World Heritage sites.

While such a research is intended to help boost the rare bird’s population, it is also hoped to help improve the ecological setting of Thai forests too.

Mr. Anon said that, so far, the research has found useful information about the hornbill population in the country and the status of the “World Heritage” forests.

In order to enable researchers to achieve more results, PTTEP is offering a sum of THB15.62 million to support the project. This amount is the third provided by the company, to date.

The President of PTTEP noted that the company hopes its endeavor will make the public become more aware about the value of the research and bring about more cooperation to sustainably conserve Thailand’s invaluable natural resources.