Labor Ministry to speedily set up a new safety institute for laborers


BANGKOK, 15 February 2012  – The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare is pushing for the establishment of a work safety institution before the deadline in mid-July. 

Labor Protection and Welfare Department (DLPW) Director-General Arthit Issamo said on Tuesday that, according to the Bio-safety and Environment Act which was passed in 2011, the DLPW is obligated to set up a work safety promotion institution within one year, or by July 15, 2012.

At the moment, the DLPW is holding a public hearing on the issue and it is now calling for all related parties and individuals to participate in it by visiting the Labor Ministry’s website at

The public hearing is open until the end of March. The results from this process will be used to improve the draft work safety promotion decree, which will be later checked by the Council of State.

After this process is completed, the draft decree will be presented to the Cabinet for approval.

Mr. Arthit added that the DLPW is also planning the structure of the new institution and the budget it may need.

Moreover, the Department is planning to ask the government for a budget of more than THB1 billion to set up a work safety promotion fund, which will be put to use along with the work safety promotion institution.