Prices of construction materials remain unchanged


BANGKOK, 24 February 2012 -The Department of Internal Trade (DIT) has insisted that prices of construction materials remain the same, adding that retailers have now raised their prices back to normal after selling them at discount rates to help flood victims.

In light of complaints about construction materials price hikes, Director of Department of Internal Trade Mrs. Watcharee Wimuktayont yesterday said that they remained the same as they were before the floods.

She further explained that retailers had reduced their prices during the flooding to help flood victims restore their homes and businesses. Now that the disaster is gone, the prices have been raised to the original level, adding that consumers may have complained in the mistaken belief that retailers are taking advantage of them.

However, after surveying the market in general, the DIT discovered that manufacturers did not increase the price of cement as claimed by consumers. They had earlier lowered the prices of the cement by 3-5 baht per bag to help people coping with the flood aftermath; the fact which many buyers were unaware of.

The price of ready-mixed cement now ranges from 115 to 128 baht per bag, while Portland cement is selling at 125-130 baht a bag, which, according to the Director, are lower by as much as 5-10 baht a bag than those of the same period last year by .

The prices of other products such as tiles, sanitary ware, roof tiles, and bricks, as well as pvc tubes have reportedly remained unchanged. In addition, Mrs. Watcharee has reassured that the DIT has been conducting regular inspections on all products and will take legal action against retailers found to have viloated the laws; she has also asked consumers to report to the DIT throughout the country by calling 1569, should they come across illegal price hikes.