Pork price to reduce by end of July


BANGKOK, 20 July 2011– Pork price in the country is expected to reduce by the end of this month while the Ministry of Commerce is trying to prevent smuggling of live pigs to neighbouring countries while domestic supply is in shortage.

Permanent Secretary for Commerce Yanyong Puangrach ascribed the rising pork prices to the epidemic, leading to the reduction of pork supplies by 20% while farmers are forced to send small pigs to slaughterhouses, leading to higher production costs.

Live pig price in Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi and Chon Buri provinces increases to 75-76 baht a kilogram from 71-72 baht a kilogram previously while pork price increases to 140-145 baht a kilogram, especially in the central region such as Bangkok, Lop Buri and Ang Thong.

Illegal exports of live pigs to neighbouring countries remain high from around 100,000 pigs last year to 200,000 this year since pig and pork prices in neighbouring countries are more expensive than Thailand; however, Thai economy has enjoyed a higher trade surplus due to the exports.

The Ministry of Commerce has recently taken legal action against many smugglers; however, the measure can partially solve the domestic pork shortage.

Pork price nonetheless is expected to reduce by the end of this month with adequate supplies in the market.