Poll: Public remain confident in govt price control scheme


BANGKOK, 5 May 2012  – A recent survey by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University has found that city people now have to shoulder heavier financial burdens but are still confident in the government’s ability to deal with high living expense. 

The poll, which covered nearly 1,400 people in Bangkok and nearby provinces, showed that 32 percent of the respondents spent more money on food and 25 percent spend more on consumer goods. Twenty percent said they have to bear heavier transportation-related expenses while 18 percent have to pay more for electricity and water usage.

To cope with higher living costs, nearly half of the respondents choose to be frugal. Thirty seven percent decide to cut down on shopping. Seven percent turn more to public transport services. The rest look for extra jobs.

Despite heavier financial burdens, 52 percent of the respondents are still confident in the government’s ability to maintain product prices while the rest think otherwise, citing petrol price hikes and economic damage caused by the flooding last year.

As for the way to solve this problem, 36 percent of the respondents suggest that related agencies pay more attention to price hikes while 26 percent want the government to offer free public transport, electricity and water services.

Twenty one percent suggest that the government speedily implement its wage rise policy while 13 percent want the government to set up more Blue Flag shops at all communities so that the public can buy cheaper consumer goods. The rest said there should be a campaign to urge people to save their money.