PM promises streamlining of process in sending Thai workers to work at Malaysian Tom Yum Kung shops


BANGKOK, 1 March 2013  Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra met with owners of Tom Yum Kung eateries in Malaysia and promised to see to a streamlining of the process in sending Thai workers to work at their shops. 

Ms. Yingluck met with the representatives of Tom Yum Kung business operators on the sideline of her visit to Malaysia for the 5th Thai-Malaysia Annual Consultation, in Putrajaya. The operators asked for the Thai premiere to oversee streamlining of the procedure required in sending Thai workers into Malaysia. They also asked for a fund to be established to assist the operators of Tom Yum Kung shops.

Prime Minister Yingluck said she has talked with the Malaysian prime minister about the streamlining of the process of sending Thais to work in Malaysia, and she will make sure it gets implemented. As for the fund requested by the Tom Yum Kung businesses, Ms. Yingluck indicated that Ministry of Interior will handle the request.

The prime minister has also asked Malaysian business operators to help establish centers for sales of Thai OTOP goods in Malaysia.