Phuket parents scrooges over buying uniforms for their children


PHUKET, 14 May 2013 Parents in Phuket province are exercising great caution in their purchase of student uniforms for their children to wear in the looming school term, because of the increase in price. 

Retailers of school uniforms in downtown Phuket said they were content with the business atmosphere at the moment. Thanawat Phawakkharanon, a uniform shop owner, disclosed that most parents now had less purchasing power for the school uniforms because of the 5-10% hike in prices. The price rise was a result of heightened costs of raw materials for the uniforms and transportation of the products. Thanawat said his shop is not yet affected by the uniform manufacturers’ price hike because he carries a large stock.

Chanittha Phumphukhiew, one of the parents shopping for uniforms, said she is planning and thinking more carefully over uniform purchases this year because of the higher price. She said she would only buy the sets that were necessary.

The cheapest uniforms at the Phuket shops were selling for 200-480 baht per set, depending on the size.