NLA Committee meets to follow up on online visa applications


The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) Committee on Religion, Arts, Culture and Tourism has held a meeting to follow up on an online visa-on-arrival application development for tourists.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Boonruang Phonphanit, chairman of the subcommittee on tourism, attended a meeting with representatives of relevant agencies to consider progress in developing an application to allow travelers to apply for a visa-on-arrival online from the Immigration Office via Wechat

Representatives attended the meeting from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thai-Chinese Tourism Business Association, and Department of Public Relations.

In piloting the system with Chinese tourists at Phuket International Airport, there was a problem with the instability of WiFi and the Internet system. Relevant agencies have been assigned to fix the problem.

Meanwhile, the Immigration Office is in the process of preparing an agreement with the Comptroller General’s Department to increase the number of new payment channels for the visa-on-arrival fee. This will be useful and convenient for travelers as they won’t have to go far to fill out the form.