NBTC confirms public of free TV broadcast for 17th Asian games


BANGKOK, 10 September 2014  – The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has confirmed that the 17th Asian games will be broadcasted through free TV channels. 

NBTC Vice-Chairman Col. Natee Sukonrat revealed that the 17th Asian Games would be broadcasted through channels 3, 7, 9, and 11 on the digital platform as well as the other existing analog platform channels so people can watch the broadcasts nationwide. The decision was made after the NBTC held a discussion with True Visions, Channel 3’s analog platform, 24 digital TV channels, and TV Pool.

With the ongoing concern for Channel 3’s analog debate, who also bought the Asian Games broadcasting license, a solution might opt for it to broadcast the event parallel with channel 33 on the digital platform to endure full and complete broadcasting of every match. Furthermore, True Visions wishes to broadcast live through its licensed broadcasting terms under the Pay TV services.

Dr.Sobchoke Srisakon of The Television Pool of Thailand (TV Pool) stated that the broadcasting of Asian Games would take 40 hours total. TV pool will purchase air time from channel 33 under the digital platform of channel 3 so that the general public can watch the games.

Other free TV digital platform channels that are not part of the TV Pool can also request to purchase broadcasting rights. Dr. Sobchoke admitted that the cost of the license is quite high and their requests would be a way to help divide the actual cost of the licenses.