Employment Department warns employees working overseas of being deceived


BANGKOK, 10 September 2014 –The Department of Employment has revealed the statistics of restrained employment in dubious circumstances for August 2014; some Thai employees were restrained from working in South Korea.

Statistics of Thai people traveling abroad at the Labor Control Department of Employment in August 2014, show a total 8,962 Thai employees have worked or been apprenticed abroad including 5,500 in Asia, 2,092 in the Middle East, 675 in Europe, 367 in Africa, 248 in North America, 21 in Australia and Pacific, and 9 in South America.

233 Thai employees were restrained from working overseas, some in South Korea but mostly in Sudan, the Arab Emirates, and Mozambique, due to unpredictable practices in regard to trafficked employees.

Meanwhile, employees are advised of the risk of being deceived when working aboard and are urged only to go aboard legally in order to prevent smuggling and unfair employment.