MOU signed to uplift Thai rice farmers’ potential


BANGKOK, 17 July 2012  – The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), Thai Rice Foundation under Royal Patronage, and Chamnien Saranaga Foundation have signed an MOU aimed at helping uplift Thai rice farming standards and improve the well-being of Thai farmers.

The MOU is set to help improve skills of Thai farmers and promote the new generations of farmers, who will be equipped with knowledge and skills needed for future farming. Under the agreement, the three organizations will continue to give knowledge and introduce new technology to and provide training for farmers so that they will be able to compete with farmers from other countries.

Annual rice meetings and academic seminars are among the activities these organizations have been holding to improve farmers’ skills. In 2009, the BAAC and the Thai Rice Foundation granted seven scholarships to young farmers.

The BAAC said it is cooperating with other institutes to support and improve agriculturalists through several projects with an aim to raise awareness among young Thais about the importance of farming.