More than 500 local businesses affected by oil spill compensated


BANGKOK, 21 August 2013 An additional 532 local businesses in Rayong Province affected by the recent oil spill have been compensated by the PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited. Around 12 million baht has been paid to the victims. 

Those compensated by the PTT Global Chemical included street vendors, motorcycle taxi drivers, owners of groceries and dry-cleaning stores, as well as other local service providers. Altogether, 12 million baht was paid out yesterday by the PTT for damage caused by the spill.

According to the company, the payment is just part of its rehabilitation plan, adding that each business owner has been paid 15,000 baht in cash, and that other groups will be compensated as well.

The company said it would speed up its disbursement process and expected all the compensation to be made by the end of August.

The oil spill incident took place late last month, with Ao Phrao being the area most affected by the oil slick and had to be declared a disaster zone. However, the area has now been cleaned up and returned to its pristine condition.