Ministry of Industry to make Thailand world’s 5th largest automobile maker


Bangkok, 22 November 2013 The Ministry of Industry has announced its plans to make Thailand the world’s 5th largest automobile producer by 2017. 

Industry Ministry Prasert Boonchaisuk announced before the Thailand Board of Investments (BOI) and the Japanese media about the country’s overall investment opportunities that Thailand’s automobile production would be the world 5th largest by 2017.

According to Mr. Prasert, the country’s automobile and auto parts industry has great potential and is an essential aspect of the Thai economy – especially the auto parts producers of Tiers 1-3.

The Minister plans to develop Thailand’s automotive industry to its fullest potential, aiming to enable each auto worker to produce at least 6 vehicles per year, up from the current 3 units a year; compared to the 11-12 vehicles being produced by each Japanese worker.