Military continues to inspect rice in silos and warehouses nationwide


PHITSANULOK, 17 June 2014, – Region 2 Military dispatch troops have placed locks on the doors of warehouses in the rice support program in various provinces, preventing any attempt to move the rice stock before it is inspected. Secure locks have been placed on warehouses and silos in Muang District of Phitsanulok Province, awaiting the military’s inspection of the pledged rice. Officials will soon verify whether or not the area has the 100,000 bags of the rice crop as recorded. 

Aside from installing the locks, the military is also dispatching troops to patrol the silos and warehouses every two hours until the inspection is completed.

Similarly in Phijit, the provincial military and the rice inspection committee witnessed the installation of security mechanism on 12 warehouses in the rice growing support program in Muang Province. The area holds 9.8 million bags of rice, accumulated since the 2011 season.

Meanwhile in Buriram, officials have asserted they are being meticulous with the security measures at the province’s seven silos that contain about 224,700 bags of rice, saying frequent examination of CCTV video is being conducted.

According to the Region 2 military, the Northeastern Region has over 315 warehouses that were part of the rice pledging scheme. The officials have created inspection teams each consisting of 800 officers from the military, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Department of Internal Trade. Each team is to be responsible for the inspection of about 100 of warehouses.