Labour Ministry to survey wage rates nationwide


BANGKOK, 15 August 2011– The Ministry of Labour will survey wage rates nationwide in order to prepare for the new government’s policy to increase the daily minimum wage to 300 baht and the salary for a fresh graduate to 15,000 baht a month. 

Labour Minister Phadermchai Sasomsab assigned Permanent Secretary for Labour Somkiat Chayasiwong to survey the number of workers and their wages in detail in all provinces nationwide.

Mr Phadermchai said the order was made as the Ministry of Labour does not have the data in hand. He added that the information will be used as database for the wage and salary hike policy to be brought to practice after the government delivers the policy statement to Parliament on 23 and 24 August 2011.

The minister added that he will convene related sectors from employers, employees to the public sector to have an open discussion about the need to increase daily minimum wage, problems of entrepreneurs and how the public sector can help them.

Mr Phadermchai confirmed that the government will not force entrepreneurs who do not agree with the government to implement the minimum wage hike. Instead, the government will try to negotiate and persuade them by giving them reasons.

The minister told the press that he will start working at the ministry on Wednesday afternoon. He said he is now busy with drafting the policy statement, and, therefore, has to postpone his scheduled first-day work at Government House from Monday to Wednesday.