Labour minister pressing on wage-salary hike policies


BANGKOK, 17 August 2011 – Labour Minister Phadermchai Sasomsab has voiced his readiness to press on the policies of the government to increase daily minimum wage to 300 baht and salary for fresh graduates to 15,000 baht. 

Mr Phadermchai on Wednesday at 8.35 hrs paid respects to holy beings at the shrine in the Ministry of Labour before going to his office on the sixth floor of the building amid warm welcome from executives and civil servants of the ministry.

The minister confirmed that he will push forward the minimum wage hike policy and will discuss it with Permanent Secretary for Labour Somkiat Chayasiwong, entrepreneurs, labourers, the Federation of Thai Industries and the private sector.

Mr Phadermchai noted that the policy implementation will be clearer about one week after the government delivers the policy statement to Parliament.

As for the policy to increase salary for fresh graduates to 15,000 baht, the minister said its implementation must be discussed with the Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC) again.

Upon concerns that both the minimum wage and salary hike policies will lead to inflation, Mr Phadermchai responded that the Ministry of Commerce will take care of the issue. He also said he has no pressure about these policies as the Pheu Thai Party must do as it promised in election campaigns.