Krabi commerce office to regulate food prices


KRABI – The provincial governor of Krabi has set up a special committee to regulate food prices in response to numerous complaints about inordinately expensive food.

The committee, made up of representatives from 22 concerned agencies, will first seek cooperation from local food outlets to adjust their food prices in line with actual costs. Legal measures will be applied to disobliging operators.

According to the Commercial Affairs Office of Krabi, restaurants in Krabi have raised the prices of food in the wake of rubber and oil palm prices jumping. Restaurant owners have refused to reduce meal prices, despite the fact that rubber and oil palm prices have fallen.

Overpriced meals in Krabi have driven tourists to opt for food outlets in nearby Trang province where prices are much more reasonable as well as affordable. A meal at a typical food stall in Krabi normally sells for 60 baht, whereas that of the same quality in other province costs around 35 baht.

The Commercial Affairs Office of Krabi is preparing to hold a budget food fair in downtown Krabi to enable local people and visitors to enjoy clean and inexpensive meals. The project is expected to help save consumers’ money and improve the province’s image.