Bus fares lower due to drop in diesel prices


BANGKOK, The Ministry of Transport has revealed that the fares of bus services categories 2 and 3 will be reduced by 3 satang per km, starting on August 20.

The ministry said that due to a drop in retail diesel prices and other operating costs, it has been agreed that bus fares will be cut by 3 satang.

The new fare is 50 satang per km for the first 40 km, 45 satang per km for distances between 40 and 100 km, 41 satang per km for distances between 100 and 200 km, and 37 satang per km for distances greater than 200 km.

The cuts to bus fares as well as boating fares are being implemented as the government project to provide free bus and train rides is set to expire at the end of October. Over its duration, the free transport program cost an average of 2.4 billion baht per year.

In place of the free rides campaign, the government revealed it will also introduce half-price fares for the elderly and the disabled.