Kalasin poised to become organic farming province


KALASIN, 5 Feb 2015 – Kalasin is gearing itself up to become an organic farming province in anticipation of the emergence of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

To achieve the goal, Kalasin’s provincial agriculture and cooperatives agency is encouraging local farmers to form their own groups in accordance with their expertise, so that the agency can provide them with suitable academic knowledge and training aimed at enhancing productivity, quality and negotiation abilities.

Kalasin has planned plan to promote the production of organic food as a main occupation for farmers. Related agencies are mapping out farming methods to ensure that the outputs will be on par with the international standards. Asian Development Bank (ADB), which is the one to have seen the province’s potential, is also lending a helping hand.

The province is focusing on plants grown for food and energy industries, which include rice, sugar cane, rubber and cassava. It target group includes high-end customers and health-conscious consumers.