Internal Trade Dept: Pork, egg prices increase due to rising demand


BANGKOK, 10 May 2012  – Pork and egg prices at the farm have reportedly increased, while the Internal Trade Department said the price rise is normal as demand rises. 

Internal Trade Department Director-General Vachari Vimooktayon said pork prices at the farms have risen from 50 baht to 64-65 baht per kilogram, while egg prices have increased from 2.20 to 2.40 baht per egg. She commented that the increase is considered normal; saying it will allow farmers to make a little profit.

She explained that retail prices in the market did not increase much, adding that normally the prices would rise at the beginning of school sessions due to the rise in demand.

Ms Vachari said the department has to take care of both the consumers and farmers; it cannot force product prices down if farmers suffer losses.

In addition, she stated that animal entrails prices have dropped significantly, as there have been more imports from Europe, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The department will discuss with related agencies how to reduce the import of entrails.