Industry Ministry holds seminar, helps timber export in ASEAN


BANGKOK, 12 July 2012  – The Ministry of Industry today holds a seminar on timber industry to encourage timber exporters to develop their products for added-value and to prepare them for a liberalized market under the ASEAN Economic Community.

Speaking at a workshop “AEC Digest” in the seminar, Industry Minister M.R. Phongsawat Svastiwat said that even though there has been a steady growth in timber and furniture industries, most of the exported goods are construction materials. With the approach of the AEC, the Industry Ministry sees the need to push for a full-cycle development of the industries. To achieve the goal, M.R. Phongsawat suggested that Thai exporters shift export destinations from the USA, Japan, and the European market and to focus more on the ASEAN region, which is a fast growing market.

In addition, M.R. Phongsawat said Thailand’s resources of timber are not sufficient and efficient enough to meet the domestic demand. It is, therefore, necessary for the country to import more timbers, if Thailand wants to expand its market to foreign countries.

The seminar was organized by the Industry Ministry, in cooperation with the private sector, to promote the awareness of producers and exporters of wood products about their opportunities and competitions awaiting in the AEC.