India and Myanmar’s MOU to boost Thai economy


BANGKOK, 3 July 2012  – India and Myanmar have signed an MOU on economy, commerce, and investment, which is expected to help boost Thai economy.

Deputy Minister of Commerce Poom Sarapol(ภูมิ สาระผล) has revealed that India and Myanmar have signed an MOU on 12 issues regarding economic relations, commerce, and investment. The content of the agreement covers development of Myanmar’s several main roads, which will later be upgraded to highways connecting 3 countries; called “Tripartite Highway”, scheduled to be completed by 2016.

Mr. Poom added that the logistic system created as a result of the MOU would support and benefit Thailand’s trade with other countries in the region. The deputy Minister believed that theThai economy still has plenty of room to grow. In addition, the Indian government has been trying to promulgate laws that would benefit agriculture and sustainable food production. India also wants to invest in information technology, which will enable it to minimize the damage to agricultural products; in order to do so, India will need assistance from the country that has had experience in production and agricultural products.

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