Foreign Trade Dept confident EU will lift AD measures on Thai sweet corn


BANGKOK, 18 March 2013  The Department of Foreign Trade has high hopes for its negotiation with the EU on the cancellation of Anti-Dumping (AD) measures against Thailand. The department is confident that Thailand’s sweet corn exports will increase to more than one billion baht worth if the negotiation is successful. 

Deputy Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade Surasak Reangkhrua said the department’s representatives had traveled to the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany early this month to request their respective representatives to the EU to lift anti-dumping penalty on Thai sweet corn exports. The Thai representatives confirmed to the EU that Thailand would not dump sweet corn in the EU market again, and that the country had raised the quality standard of the produce while establishing distribution centers around the world, leaving Thai sweet corn in popularity at present.

Thai sweet corn exports have faced the AD duties of 3.10-14.3% of the free-at-frontier price since 2007. The AD cancellation will improve the monopoly situation in the EU market and give consumers more choices, the Thai official commented.

Mr Surasak said if the EU withdrew the AD measures on Thailand, the export value of Thai sweet corn to EU would grow from 837 million baht to over 1.6 billion baht.