Five dual-track railway lines proposed for quick construction


State Railway of Thailand (SRT) governor Prapas Chongsanguan has called on the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to help speed up the environmental impact assessment for five dual-track railway lines so the projects can be undertaken more quickly.

Mr Prapas said he met with the NCPO which inquired about the railway projects of the past government.

The SRT and the NCPO agreed that the double-track railway projects should be accelerated as they would play important roles in national logistics, he said.

The NCPO also questioned him about obstacles hindering the projects and he replied that environmental impact assessment should completed more quickly up for quick implementation.

Mr Prapas said that accelerating the environmental impact assessment would not result in a negative impact and that the country would benefit from the quick construction of dual-track railways.

Negative environmental impacts could be prevented with scientific solutions, he said.