Fisheries Dept keen on making Thailand seafood hub of ASEAN


BANGKOK, 24 September 2013 The Fisheries Department is keen on making Thailand the seafood hub of the ASEAN region; it will focus on 5 strategies in achieving the goal.

The Fisheries Department has held a seminar entitled “ASEAN Seafood for the World” to heed all opinions from the Commerce Ministry, scholars, farmers, and fishermen, as the department is keen on going ahead with its policy to make Thailand the seafood hub of ASEAN. The seminar was presided over by Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Cooperatives Siriwat Kachornprasart.

According to the deputy minister, the Fisheries Department will focus on 5 strategies in achieving the ultimate goal. These strategies include enhancing marine animal productivity, improving the quality of seafood products, maintaining the number of marine animals in the international waters, promoting seafood processing among producers, and organizing fairs and events to make Thai seafood products better known to the world.

An international food fair, the biggest in Southeast Asia, will be held in May 2015, which will offer Thai entrepreneurs an opportunity to deal with foreign investors and to build investors’ confidence in the country’s seafood industry, Mr. Siriwat added.