First ever brainstorming seminar to boost farmer career in Ayutthaya


AYUTTHAYA, 24 October 2014  – Mr. Prapat Panyachatiraksa, President of the National Farmers Council (NFC) chaired a brainstorming seminar on the structure and roles of NFC networks at district and subdistrict levels this morning, with over 2,000 farmers participating in, at Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi Hantra Campus.

Mr. Prapat said that after one year of its establishment, the NFC has served as a coordinator between the government and farmers nationwide, raising the latter’s needs and desirable development plans to the attention of the government in order to receive proper government allocations.

Mr. Prapat, on this occasion, called on all sectors for cooperation and support to the NFC which has worked for the future of Thai farmers. The NFC compiles opinions of farmers for analysis and put them into academic reports aimed at developing agricultural careers, Mr. Prapat said.

He added today’s brainstorming seminar was the first ever held in Ayutthaya province. It not only allowed farmers to voice their opinions but also provided a stage to exchange ideas for further development of their careers.