Energy Ministry to redo PDP 2014


BANGKOK, 17 Dec 2013, The Energy Ministry will have to draw up another Power Development Plan (PDP) as a consequence of the House dissolution. 

According to Deputy Secretary General of the Energy Ministry Kurujit Nakorntap, his ministry was in the process of revising the third draft of the 2010’s PDP, which would be proposed to the Energy Policy and Planning Office at the end of this year, when the Premier dissolved the House. As a result, he ministry will have to redraw the plan for the new government.

Regarding the effects of the House dissolution, Mr. Kurijit said that the ministry’s duty is now limited to performing only its routine duties, adding however that several policies derived from the 2010’s PDP will not be affected by the dissolution.

He also pointed out that the duty of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand remained unchanged: maintaining natural gas pipelines, generating electricity, and providing energy-related security.