Egg hen raisers ask for state assistance; Blue Flag launched for eggs


Egg hen raisers are calling on the government to help them with rising costs, whereas the Ministry of Commerce is selling 3 million eggs at cheap prices to help mend the problem of expensive chicken eggs. 

Egg hen raisers say the expensive eggs at present resulted from the hot weather dampening production and higher costs of breeding, chicken feed, and labor. Thus, the raisers will discuss with the “Egg Board” today to determine the real cost of egg production.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Commerce is bringing out 3 million eggs for sale at 90 baht per tray between May 28-31. The initiative is aimed at helping the public faced with the problem of expensive chicken eggs at present.

Deputy Commerce Minister Nutthawut Saikuar is laying down long-term strategies for chicken eggs to prevent the potentially looming problem of excessive supply, as well as expensive eggs.