EGAT believes AEC is an opportunity for Thailand to access new electricity sources


BANGKOK, 5 August 2012  – Mr. Suthep Chimklai, Assistant Governor of Planning of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, or EGAT, spoke on preparations to ready the electricity industry for entering the Asean Economic Community (AEC).

He stated that the AEC would provide a good opportunity for Thailand to access new sources of electricity, because in the future, domestic energy sources are likely to be depleted. This would enable the kingdom to increase the purchase of electricity from foreign countries. At present, Thailand primarily purchases electricity from Laos.

The AEC will also help realize plans for connecting the electricity systems of all ASEAN countries in the future. This will help create an energy security within the region.

EGAT has readied Thailand’s electricity system ahead of entering the AEC by improving the system to be compatible with those of neighboring countries. There are also measures in place to allow future connections, to meet with future increased electricity demands.