DITP recommends orchids for export


BANGKOK, 19 June 2012  – Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) has suggested that Thai exporters export more orchids due to the rise in its price in the world market. 

Deputy Minister of Commerce Poom Sarapol has disclosed that orchids’ price in the world market tends to rise in the near future due to the decrease in its production. As a result, the DITP is urging Thai exporters to apply new technology and innovation to the production for varieties so that the market doesn’t saturate, and to create acceptance and embed the high quality concept of Thai orchids in people’s minds.

Furthermore, Thai exporters should be looking to penetrate new markets as well, such as India, Netherlands, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, and Singapore.

Mr. Poom also stated that Thai orchid exporters should work together with other agricultural product exporters to gain the competitiveness and negotiation power in the world market, leading to the reduction in costs.

In addition, labeling and packaging should also be standardized according to the DITP standard. Labels promoting green-environment or “Thai Orchids” brands should be put on the products. Exporters should also participate in agricultural products or garden and landscape expositions to get to know their competitors or find new distribution channels for their products.

Should anyone be interested in the business, please call 1169 or visit www.ditp.go.th