DIP follows up on restoration of Navanakorn Industrial Estate


PATHUM THANI, 25 April 2012  – The Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) reveals that the state post-flood restoration has enabled one of Thailand’s major industrial estates to resume most of its operations now. 

Department of Industrial Promotion Director General Phasu Loharnchun revealed on Tuesday that the government-sponsored restoration project for business operators affected by last year’s severe flooding has successfully helped most plants located at the Navanakorn Industrial Estate get back on their feet.

Mr. Phasu said that the project, called the Industrial Clinic for Flood- Affected SMEs, has enabled a large number of related operators at Navanakorn resumed operations and to complete the delivery of pending orders.

He conceded that some SME businesses, mostly in trade and service sectors were forced to shut down after the flood crisis.

However, the DIP chief affirmed that the ratio of closed down businesses is small when compared with those, which survived the disaster.

Mr. Phasu believes that Thai SMEs will still be able to work their way back to normalcy even though some obstacles remain ahead of them.

He went on to say that several operators are now increasing their production capacity and some are considering adding more plants only as a risk-management strategy, while stressing that no company has relocated their factories to outside Thailand yet.