Department of Land Transport tells operators not to overcharge


BANGKOK, 16 April 2014 —The Department of Land Transport has warned bus operators against selling tickets at inflated prices.

Asdsathai Rattanadilok Na Phuket, Director-General of the DLT, revealed that there are so many vans and buses packed with passengers travelling back and forth during the public holidays, that the DLT has coordinated plans with bus operators, to ensure enough buses are available, to prevent any risk of passengers being stranded at bus terminals.

According to industry data, there are 12,000 trips by buses and 260,000 buses in use during New Year celebrations; travel during the Songkran Festival is a similar situation, he added

Bus operators are strongly advised not to sell overpriced tickets and not to carry passengers over the legal limit. Any operator failing to observe the restrictions will be fined under the relevant laws.