DBD uplifts Thailand’s logistics system


BANGKOK, 22 January 2013 ( The Commerce Ministry has given certificates to road transportation businesses which passed the quality standard in 2012, as a mean to encourage others in the logistics industry to follow suit and help them uplift their business capacity. 

Department of Business Development (DBD)Deputy Dirctor-General Ittipol Changlum said his department has been playing an important role in preparing Thai entrepreneurs, especially the logistics businesses, ahead of the emergence of ASEAN Economic Community.

To encourage Thai logistics businesses, the DBD has awarded those entrepreneurs, whose standards, in 2012, have met the DBD requirements. The director said the move would help enhance the capability of Thai SMEs to be on par with their counterparts in the ASEAN region.

He said logistics businesses are vital to the country’s economic development. They involve transportation, warehousing and storage, inventory management and packaging, etc. They create an income of 820 billion baht per annum. At present, about 16,000 logistics businesses have registered with the department, with a total of 234 billion baht in registered capital.