Crash ahead? Larry Edelson addresses Rotary


On Thursday October 10th at the Siam Bayshore Resort Pattaya, the Rotary Club of Eastern Seaboard welcomed Global Investment & Gold Trading Expert Larry Edelson to share his thoughts on the future with a captive audience, consisting of over 40 Rotarians and guests.

Larry started his presentation with the stunning revelation that he did not hold a degree in Economics or Business Administration – on the contrary – he started his career as a cultural anthropologist. In studying human (mass) behaviour he soon noticed that most things happen in cycles. By overlaying these cycles and with the aid of modern computer power, similarities can be noted from the past to help project a graph of economic and other climates into the future. But most importantly, he found that models based on human behaviour were a far more reliable tool in making predictions than the standard business and economic models.

Property, Gold, Commodities, or a pension plan?Property, Gold, Commodities, or a pension plan?

Larry claims he has successfully called nearly all the major turning points in the world’s macro-economic trends. He said he was one of the only analysts to correctly predict the start of the major bull markets in Asian economies in 2004. He also claims he foresaw the beginning of the rising gold price in 2000, its peak in September 2011 and the recent two year crash.

Although his current outlook may seem gloomy he remains an optimist. He is convinced that investments that were traditionally considered safe are now at risk and vice versa. He suggested to be wary of US and European Government Bonds yet investment in stocks with global blue chip companies will prove to be a good safe haven. He further predicted that gold will rise again, in his view, to over $5000 per ounce and that the USA will collapse economically and the Euro will cease to exist within the next 2 years.

Will he be right again this time? Only time will tell…