Commerce Ministry keeps watchful eyes on consumer goods prices


BANGKOK, 2 December 2013 The Commerce Ministry will strictly monitor prices of goods to prevent unscrupulous traders from hoarding commodity goods or increasing their prices in time of political conflict in the country. 

Department of Internal Trade Director General, Mr.Somchart Sroythong said officials will strictly monitor prices of goods all over the country to prevent vendors from hoarding supply and take advantage of the sluggish economy and political crisis by increasing prices of consumer products especially fast food. If any violation is found, the Internal Trade Department will take legal action immediately. Reports of 5-10 baht increase in freshly cooked dishes have already been filed to the Department.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Mr. Niwatthamrong Bunsongphaisan, is strongly determined to hold the “Blue Flag” event to help shoulder the public’s burden along with setting up business negotiation opportunities between retailers and manufacturers to assure a control in pricing. Blue flag restaurants will be established in areas of reported price hikes to help ease consumers’ living expenses