Commerce Min reimposes ceilings on pork, egg prices


BANGKOK, 2 May 2011  – The Ministry of Commerce has adjusted down the prices of live pigs and pork to ensure fairness for consumers while the price of eggs will be lowered by 10 satang each in the face of the expensive goods problem. 

As part of an effort to curb the soaring product prices, Commerce Minister Pornthiva Nakasai announced that the Ministry had set new price ceilings for both live pigs and pork to ease the burden on consumers. From tomorrow onwards, the farm-gate price of swine in the central, eastern and western regions will be 70 THB per kilogram at maximum while the price of pork will be at most 140 THB per kilogram.

In the North and the Northeast, live pigs will be sold at no more than 74 THB a kilo and pork at no more than 145 THB a kilo. The pig price in the South will be no more than 76 THB a kilo while pork will be no more than 150 THB a kilo.

In regard to the expensive eggs, Ms Pornthiva said the farm price would be brought down by 10 satang, from 3.10-3.20 THB per piece to 3 THB. The price reduction was made possible by the rebounding egg supply in the market as over 50,000 hens imported late last year are due to lay their eggs throughout this month. At the same time, the Minister assured that measures had been prepared to tackle price drop in case of an oversupply of eggs.