Chambers of Commerce ask Thai government to boost southern tourism


Southern Chambers of Commerce have proposed that the government promote tourism in the southern region after suffering from COVID-19 fears and air pollution; they also asked airlines to increase domestic capacity following the decline in international demand for flights.

Mr Salin Tohtubthieng, President of the Chambers of Commerce group from southern Andaman provinces, said the Thai economy and the tourism sector are now suffering from the development of the COVID-19 epidemic, air pollution concerns, and low farm product pricing.

He said the government must now boost the country’s positive image regarding COVID-19, as there has so far been no case of mortality in the country, with more and more confirmed patients now recovered, and no significant rise of patient numbers.

Mr Salin said the southern region is now entering summer, when the hot weather might help slowdown the spread of the virus, so the government can encourage more Thai people to travel domestically, such as to Trang province rated in the top 5 Asian tourism destinations with the best weather.

He also asked the government to encourage local authorities to make field trips to other communities in different regions to study one another’s work, which will help fortify the tourism sector, while airlines affected by the capacity cut to international services, should sell those empty seats on domestic services instead.