Business Service Center to be set up to help SMEs


BANGKOK-The Ministry of Industry is expected to spend 630 million baht getting struggling small- and medium-sized enterprises back on their feet. 

According to the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Industry, Arthit Wutkaro, the Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) has been instructed to change the way Business Opportunity Center operates and make sure it reaches out not only to new businesses but also to existing ones.

The center will be renamed as Business Service Center (BSC), which will be fully functional next year. The BSC will provide business advice, useful information on various types of businesses and promote the development of online service for SMEs. The first 4 BSC offices will be set up in Bangkok and eight others will be located regionally to help the 17,000 SMEs around the country.

The DIP will also seek a budget allocation of 630 million baht from the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion to assist SMEs affected by slow economy. Experts will be hired to look into the problems and offer solutions within a period of 3-12 days depending on the company’s organizational structure.