Burirum residents oppose oil exploration


BURIRUM, 2 July 2014,  Burirum locals have expressed their opposition to the oil exploration and excavation in their province, fearing the move would negatively affect the area’s environment and agricultural sector.

More than 100 representatives from Burirum’s villages of Baannongkheelhek, Baannonkwa, Baannongthad, Baannongphaidong, Sub-districts of Huaphai, Toomyai, and Districts of Candong, and Kumuang gathered at Baanpakhamdong village hall to express their opposition to the oil exploration of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Company Limited.

The protesters handed out to passersby leaflets with information on the impact of the drilling on the area’s natural resources, environment, residents’ livelihood, health and farmland.

Locals have urged related officials to postpone the oil drilling until a thorough environmental impact study has been completed.

Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum, however, has already proceeded with the exploration.