Bio fuel production is being encouraged in industrial sector


BANGKOK, 11 July 2011 -The office of Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO), Ministry of Energy, is pressing the industrial sector to adopt a better waste management plan by developing a bio-fuel system. 

The Ministry will inject over 3 billion THB into the development plan, hoping to produce bio-energy from waste as an alternative source of electricity for the country.

EPPO Director General Mr. Suthep Liamsiricharoen said since the bio-fuel production relied largely on biomass which was the by product in crop-based industries. The promotion would be automatically applied to palm oil, cassava, ethanol, rubber and food manufacturers.

According to Mr. Suthep, the bio-fuel can be a replacement for LPG or fuel oil. The EPPO is expected to spend over 3.9 billion THB to produce 637.2 million cubic meters of bio-fuel worth 4.9 million THB per year.

This year 64 more manufacturers are expected to take part in the bio-fuel production program. They will be supported by as much as 560 million THB and expected to be able to produce 110 million cubic meters of bio fuel per annum. Mr. Suthep said it is more beneficial for Thailand to make use of the existing large amount of agricultural waste for bio fuel production to replace imported energy. The system also provides a better solution to environmental problems while generating fuel to industries.