Airports of Thailand pushes ahead with 140 billion-baht expansion plan


BANGKOK, 30 June 2015 – The Airports of Thailand (AOT) is pushing ahead with the Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang expansion plan in a bid to increase the capacity of airport terminals.

The AOT is revising the major expansion plan with a budget of 140 billion baht. The construction on both airports is expected to be completed in 2021. After the expansion, the two airports will be able to handle up to 120 million passengers a year.

(Environmental Health Impact Assessment: EHIA).

According to the AOT, Phase 2 of the Suvarnabhumi expansion plan has been approved by the cabinet, with a budget of 55 billion baht. The plan to construct a third runway is undergoing an Environmental Health Impact Assessment( EHIA), and would involve payouts to nearby communities for the increase in noise pollution.

For Don Muang, the AOT has plans to build a new concourse and renovate Terminal 1 and 2. The Terminal 2 is set to be re-opened in September. The Red Line’s electric train will also be connected to Don Muang airport’s Terminal 1.