AFG looks at the future of the automotive industry


The very vibrant Automotive Focus Group (AFG) held another of their discussion/networking evenings, this time at the Hilton Hotel. With around 60 registrants, these networking evenings have proved invaluable to auto industry professionals, and it was great to see David Chuter returning as the CEO of MHG Plastics, with his GM Rene Neef and staunch MHG worker Ron Grigaras all in deep discussions (as to whether to have another beer, or slip over to wine).

The meeting opened with a short address by Jungwoo Lee, the president of sponsor organization Youngsin Metal Industrial Co. Ltd. Youngsin Metal also provided the lucky draw with winners receiving iPhone 6’s. Definitely worth putting one’s business card in the bowl!

(L to R) Frank Holzer, David Nardone and George Strampp.(L to R) Frank Holzer, David Nardone and George Strampp.

The second speaker was Richard Jackson of RLC Recruitment who spoke with enthusiasm on their expansion into outsourced payroll systems.

The main presentation was given by David Nardone, president and CEO of Hemaraj Land and Development who gave a very succinct overview of the industry over the past 20 years. A print-out was made available which covered a global overview, an ASEAN overview and an Eastern Seaboard overview.

With excellent and clear graphs, David could show just how the Thailand crisis of 1998 and the Global crisis of 2009 affected the industry in Thailand.

Major Automotive customers for Hemaraj include AAT (Ford/Mazda), Ford, Mazda, Chevrolet, Suzuki and MG (SAIC and CP) plus more than 70 parts and supply companies.

Following David Nardone’s address the AFG members adjourned to the Hilton’s Sundeck Level 16 where food and suitable libations were served.

Interested parties who would like to know more about the AFG can contact the President at [email protected].