68 items of local wisdom named national heritage


BANGKOK, 9 September 2014 –Sixty-eight items of local wisdom have been identified as part of the national heritage by the Department of Cultural Promotion.

The permanent-secretary for Culture, Apinan Posayanon has revealed that the Ministry of Culture is planning to propose an enactment of the draft of Intangible Culture.

Meanwhile, the 68 items listed this year, include performance e.g. Si Bot dance, Choi dance; Craftsmanship e.g. Ubol Ratchathani woven fabrics and floral decorations; Local Literature, for example, the Pan Tai Norasingha Legend, Thai Art of War; Local Sports, ceremonies and festivals e.g. Mae Posop (Rice Goddess) ceremony, and Praying for Rain parade. These aspects of national heritage will be showcased in several places including Siam Paragon Shopping Center to disseminate the intrinsic value of these precious cultural heritage items to younger generations.