‘Wanderlust in Gay Asia’ hits the bookshelves


Hans Fritschi, founding member of Farang Magazine and owner of a few other magazines for gays, has now joined the authors’ brigade.

He introduced his first book “Wanderlust in Gay-Asia” on February 5th at the Street Life Restaurant in south Pattaya.

Author Hans Fritschi with his new book.Author Hans Fritschi with his new book.

The book is very erotic indeed and I actually like a travel guide for gays in Asia.  The book is based on real experiences of the author but the name of the heroine is Susu Size when she acts as a woman and Fritzi Frizz when he acts as a man – both names are synonyms of Hans Fritschi.

On the one hand it is quite exhilarating to read for someone like myself but maybe not so much for one with prude feelings.  Jim Lumsden from Boyz Boyz Boyz described it this way: “Don’t ever read it in bed because you cannot sleep after wards.”

The book is available in Bookazine, Asia Books and other bookstores but also at the Street Life Restaurant and other corresponding gay restaurants and bars.

It is published by MC Marshall Cavendish Editions, ISBN Number: 978-981-4328-35-7.