UFO – Strangers in the Night Box Set 2020

Hells Bells and UFO’s Wild Man of Rock Pete Way.

5 Stars

The, for long hidden, much sought after nest egg of the recordings of UFO’s 1978 tour of America. Displayed here in all its glory over eight CDs, including six complete concerts taken from the original tapes. Plus a remastered version of the 1979 release Strangers in the Night, a live double album compiled from these concerts.

Many ardent UFO fans have been longing for this release.

UFO were the quintessential British Seventies Rock Band. (Editor – “But the guitarist was German!” Mott “Yes I know! Be quiet. Euro Rock anybody?”) UFO were always about attitude. But my heavens they could play and the songs were dynamite.

Hells Bells with Lead Guitarist Michael Schenker.

Michael Schenker’s guitar playing throughout this collection. The sublime bass playing of Pete Way on Love to Love. Phil Mogg working the audience into a frenzy getting everyone to sing along to the likes of Lights Out or Too Hot to Handle. Phil Mogg has always been one of the greatest front men in rock. Andy Parker’s rough house drumming particularly on Rock Bottom, and staggering interplay between Michael Schenker and new boy, the multi-instrumentalist Paul Raymond opening to Doctor Doctor are all highlights.

For those of us that live in Pattaya, we have heard some of these songs played by some of the magnificent cover bands here. But sometimes it’s nice to hear the real thing.

It was always in the live arena that UFO excelled and all of these concerts catch them at their Absolute peak of their career.


UFO are still going out a unit today with Phil Mogg and Andy Parker still on board. Sadly, after nearly forty years, the set list remains basically the same. The trouble being that no matter how good the latest album is, you still have to give the audience what they want and they always want a huge great dollop of Strangers in the Night.

The Box Set comes with all the Bells and Whistles any fans heart could desire. Essays, interviews, cards etc. Plus copious artwork of the crowds going wild.

UFO – Strangers in the Night Box Set 2020.

Michael Schenker did not even wait until the end of this tour to leave the band bringing about a long line of musical changes within the band over the years. Michael Schenker even came back a couple of times. But nothing permanent.

If UFO tour again when normal service is resumed, they will still be worth seeing. But if you want to hear them at their peak this is where to go.

A fine release.

Written by Mott the Dog from his Kennel on the Dark Side of Pattaya.