The Whiffenpoofs enthrall Pattaya


The Yale Whiffenpoofs, fondly called the “Whiffs”, are the oldest vocal music ensemble in the USA.  The group was founded in Mory´s Temple Bar in 1907 by five students who were looking for shelter there on a frosty January night in New Haven, Connecticut.  Four of them were the best Yale Glee Club singers, performing together as the “Varsity Quartet”.  Louis Linder, bartender and music lover helped them to establish a musical legacy that exists until today.

Shortly, after they started singing together, they met on a weekly basis at “Mory´s” and in a little while they were the stars of their university.  With their growing popularity they soon had to look for an impressive name and Denton “Goat” Fowler suggested kiddingly, the name of the mystic dragon fish “Whiffenpoof” would be exactly what they needed.

The magical Whiffenpoofs in concert at the Siam Bayshore Hotel & Spa, Saturday, June 25.The magical Whiffenpoofs in concert at the Siam Bayshore Hotel & Spa, Saturday, June 25.

Although some of the group, that consisted of 14 singers already at that time, did not like the proposal too much, they became famous by that name after founding the new a cappella choir in 1909.  Legendary Cole Porter was also a member of the choir during his time as a student at Yale University in 1913.  To pay tribute to Cole Porter the group still has a variety of his songs in its repertoire.

Every year there are new members chosen to join the Whiffenpoofs.  They go on an annual world tour and for the past couple of years they have also been visiting and performing in Thailand.

Kamala Sukosol (right) and her daughter Marisa enjoy the concert.Kamala Sukosol (right) and her daughter Marisa enjoy the concert.

Kamala Sukosol, Thailand´s “Lady of Jazz” initiated their visit to the kingdom and invites the choir every year to Bangkok´s Siam City Hotel.  As the Siam Bayshore Hotel & Spa belongs to the “Sukosol Group” and Kamala is still affiliated to Pattaya, the group always comes to perform in Pattaya for a night after their concert in Bangkok.  This year the musical highlight took place on June 25th.

In the fully occupied green rotunda of the hotel, where Kamala used to perform with her own band and delivered unforgettable moments and concerts, the young baritones, basses and tenors sang popular contemporary songs as well as evergreens and it was a great delight for the audience to listen to the virtuous voices combined with oodles of verve and wit.

Again Pattaya was honored with an extravagant musical event and everyone who attended the show surely hopes and waits for the choir´s return next year.