The 2nd Bangkok Guitar Fiesta 2012


The Bangkok Guitar Fiesta 2012 will take place from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 February 2012 at the Small Hall of the Thailand Cultural Centre in Bangkok.

“This year’s event welcomes some of the most prestigious names in the guitar world,” says Hucky Eichelmann, Artistic Director of the Bangkok Guitar Fiesta.  “With their virtuosity, musicianship and creativity the audience will take away many valuable experiences from the concerts and the workshops.  The heart of what we do is a drive to stimulate our audiences’ imagination to open up the possibilities of what a guitar can be,” he added.

Frank BungartenFrank Bungarten

Stars from the guitar world appearing at this year’s event include Vitaly Makukin from Ukraine with his unique ‘tapping’ style and virtuosity, Tango in Guitar • Gorosito, Cataldi, de la Vega Trio from Argentina, Germany’s foremost Bach Guitarist Frank Bungarten and Spain’s contemporary Flamenco duo 12 Cuerdas.

Concert tickets at 900 and 1500 baht and workshop tickets at 900 baht are available from or Tel. 02-262 3456.