Tara Pattana International School stages piano, choral concert


Students, teachers and staff at Tara Pattana International School celebrated “An Afternoon of Piano and Choral Music” to hone the students’ musical skills, build their courage and confidently express themselves.

Academic Director Andrew Dickson-Smith welcomed guests and participants to the March 14 show at the school on Soi Tungklom-Tanman 9 off Soi Nemplubwan.

A group of young students dance and sing ‘Music is fun’.A group of young students dance and sing ‘Music is fun’.

Students, staff and even parents joined in the music, with most selections consisting of English and European standards, classics and children’s songs.

Selections ranged from “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” performed by the nursery-school class; to “Moon River” by the fifth- and sixth-year classes; to “At Pierrot’s Door” by the school’s violin ensemble; to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the piano from a reception staffer.  In all, students from each class year got to perform musical numbers.

Students eagerly await their turn on stage.Students eagerly await their turn on stage.

School manager Suphannee Dickson-Smith said Tara Pattana International has been operating for three years, using a curriculum imported from England.  The teachers are mainly foreigners.

“The strength of our school is that the students who study with us can continue their studies at many institutes around the globe and enter into many social lifestyles all over the world,” she said.

A solo performer gives it her all.A solo performer gives it her all.