Pattaya Players say it all with Rumors


The city’s own theatrical troupe, the Pattaya Players, under the stewardship of director Christopher T. Parsons, put on a fabulous enactment of Neil Simon’s play “Rumors” at the Eastern Grand Palace Hotel on the weekend of June 10-11. 

The play, staged on two consecutive evenings, was held in the big ballroom of the hotel and the audience was also treated to a sumptuous buffet dinner to accompany the performance.

The Pattaya Players cast for their production of Neil Simon’s play “Rumors” pose for a group photo. The Pattaya Players cast for their production of Neil Simon’s play “Rumors” pose for a group photo.

As mentioned before Chris Parsons, together with his assistant director Bob Pross, totally shined, putting on a play that author Neil Simon once described as being the hardest play ever written by him to transfer to the stage, as every line spoken was key to furthering the plot.

Commenting afterwards Chris Parsons said, “Regardless of how many times one has seen or read this (play), it is very easy to lose yourself while either directing, acting in or watching it.  I was very happy and pleased to be able to direct this show.”

The story deals with the 10-year wedding anniversary of a couple in New York, except the wife is missing and the landlord is lying in bed after he shot himself through the ear lobe.  When the guests arrive and nobody is around the rumors start to cook.  First they like to keep it secret but then it is all passed on under the mask of discretion.

All the actors without exception showed great skill in this performance and the audience was highly impressed, giving all who took part a well earned round of applause at the end.

Pretty Cailin Terhaar, who captured the audience in her debut performance, Doug Heron, Wendy Khan, Chris Harman, Duane Hauch, Clare Bryant, Bob Smith, Foo Smith (not related to Bob), Eileen Denning and Sue Farrell, were all really great in this legendary farce that carries a surprising ending.

It is always a real pleasure to see the hidden artistic talents of Pattaya’s populace and nowhere more so than with the acting skills and dedication of the Pattaya Players group.  Keep tabs on details of all their future performances in the weekly entertainment section of the Pattaya Mail.